Writing code is easy, writing documentation is hard. True, some people might disagree with that. We wanted to make it easier for everyone to understand what we already have, and how it works. As we have multiple major topics (embedded and cloud), we need a modular way of structuring our documentation. Here is our approach.

The Book

Instead of having multiple documentation sites, and multiple locations for the different released version, we wanted to have a single point for you to go to when it comes to documentation of Drogue IoT. A single book.

From a technical perspective Antora provides all that we need. Multi-version support, multiple content sources, theming, Git integration (edit this page), and the support for AsciiDoc.


The two main components of Drogue IoT are "Drogue Device" and "Drogue Cloud". Each of the components needs their own structure and has their own release cycle. Then again, there are some overarching topics, and it would be nice to reference from one component to content in the other. So we have:


While we currently have only on workshop, LoRaWAN end-to-end, I still want to highlight this section in this blog post.

Writing good documentation is hard. What is even harder, is to create useful content for the end user, you! Content which enables you to use our technical bits and pieces to solve some problems. More user or use-case focused content, bringing it all together.

So we would encourage you to take a look. But, don't stop there. If you have ideas on your own workshops or tutorials, reach out to us! Or, even better, contribute a workshop yourself!

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